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Fox News: Trump endorsement takes center stage in brutal swing state primary as accusations of 'disloyalty' fly

Today, Fox News released a new report detailing the increasingly brutal Nevada Senate GOP primary as Sam Brown and Dr. Jeff Gunter battle it out until Election Day.
After Mitch McConnell and National Republicans endorsed Brown, it’s embarrassing to see how competitive this primary has remained with Gunter going after Brown on TV for being a scam artist and for his wildly unpopular support for moving nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain.
Now, after months of campaigning, the two camps have become desperate trying to get Donald Trump to weigh in on the race. As Fox News outlined, both campaigns are letting insults fly as they accuse their opponents of being insufficiently loyal to the former president. But with just under a week to go before the primary election, Trump’s monthslong decision to sit on the sidelines speaks volumes about the quality of both Nevada Republicans, regardless of who ultimately makes it to the general election.
What’s clear at this point is that neither of these out-of-touch, extreme GOP politicians can stand up against Senator Jacky Rosen and the results she’s delivered for hardworking Nevada families.
Click HERE to read the full story or check out below for key excerpts:
  • Accusations of “disloyalty” have taken center stage in the fight, with multiple sources close to Trump and his campaign telling Fox News Digital about an ongoing effort to sway the former president as he considers swooping in to back either Army veteran Sam Brown or former U.S. Ambassador to Iceland Jeff Gunter ahead of Tuesday’s primary.
  • A vocal group of Trump insiders in favor of Gunter becoming the Republican nominee to face incumbent Democratic Sen. Jacky Rosen has sought to highlight Brown’s hesitancy to back Trump in the early months of the Republican presidential race, something he did only days ahead of the Iowa caucuses in January when victory for Trump was all but guaranteed.
  • A separate group of Trump insiders backing Brown is challenging that notion, telling Fox the pro-Gunter faction is “lying” about Brown’s perceived “disloyalty” and that the former president will “likely” back him ahead of the primary, potentially at his Las Vegas rally on Sunday.
  • “The president has endorsed in all of these races, and in this one he hasn’t, so it’s not all that hard to read between the lines here,” the source said, pointing to the timing of Brown’s endorsement of Trump, as well as an interview with Punchbowl News  published the day after Trump’s indictment in Fulton County, Georgia, last August in which Brown declined to say whether he was “comfortable” sharing the Republican ticket with the former president.
  • “[Brown’s] run multiple times and lost, he doesn’t have very much energy or enthusiasm, he does very little media … he’ll put out cookie-cutter tweets and do an interview every once in a while, but he’s not like on the front lines fighting for the president day in and day out.”
  • “If he does endorse, I think he would endorse Jeff. I think, at this point, the NRSC has pushed so hard for him to endorse Sam, but he hasn’t done it, and there’s a reason for that,” one of them said.
  • “After begging at Mar-A-Lago, calling Trump his personal inspiration, and embarking on a far-right media tour to tout his MAGA credentials, it’s deeply embarrassing that Sam Brown still doesn’t have the Donald Trump stamp of approval he’s so desperately seeking,” Nevada state Democrat Party spokesperson Katharine Kurz told Fox.


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