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Georgia Honor Releases New Ad: “Even More”

Washington, D.C. – Today, Senate Majority PAC’s (SMP) affiliated group Georgia Honor is releasing a new ad campaign educating voters on Herschel Walker’s record. The ad follows “Threatened,” which detailed Walker’s record of violence against his ex-wife, Cindy.

The new spot, titled “Even More,” uses news coverage and Walker’s own words to document how his history of violence extends far beyond repeatedly threatening to kill his ex-wife.

The ad will reach Georgia voters statewide beginning Friday, and is part of Georgia Honor and SMP’s previously announced $33 million fall television reservation in state.

“Even More” Ad Transcript:

“Herschel Walker’s history of violence is even more than repeatedly threatening to kill his ex-wife.

[FOX5 Broadcast]: ‘Police confiscated a gun from him … they said the former football star talked about having a, quote, shoot out with police.’

[CNN Broadcast]: “He talks about thinking of murdering a man. ‘The visceral enjoyment I’d get from seeing the … spray of brain tissue.’”

[Nightline Interview with Herschel Walker]: ‘You were really about to commit murder.’

[Walker]: ‘The thing is, I’m not gonna shy away from violence.’

[Host]: ‘But did you want to kill that guy?’

[Walker]: ‘Oh yeah, I did want to kill him. Yeah, I did.’”

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