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GOP Senate Candidates Continue to Embrace January 6th Conspiracies Ahead of Insurrection Anniversary

Tomorrow marks three years since violent insurrectionists laid siege on the United States Capitol in an unsuccessful attempt to invalidate American voters’ choice and overturn the 2020 presidential election.


Years later, Americans not only continue understand the gravity of what was attempted and the violence that occurred that day, a majority also believe that President Trump played a role in inciting the attack.


But MAGA extremists running for Senate across the country disagree. Instead, they’ve latched onto brazen conspiracies that range from blatantly false to utterly unhinged.


Their positions are a stern reminder to voters of just how out of touch these extremists are. And their attempts to subvert America’s democracy and deny Americans’ votes is something they won’t soon be able to escape.


Check out what these reckless and dangerous candidates and rumored candidates have had to say:


Kari Lake, Arizona:


Rick Scott, Florida 


Mike Rogers, Michigan 


James Craig, Michigan


Matt Rosendale, Montana: 


Sam Brown, Nevada 


Jim Marchant, Nevada 


Bernie Moreno, Ohio


Dave McCormick, Pennsylvania 


Ted Cruz, Texas: 


David Clarke, Wisconsin 



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