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ICYMI: Detroit Paper Calls Mike Rogers a ‘Poor Fit’ for U.S. Senate

The Detroit Free Press, the largest newspaper in Detroit, Michigan, denounced GOP Senate candidate Mike Rogers, labeling him a ‘poor fit’ for Michigan as they chose to endorse Rogers’ primary opponent Justin Amash.

The newspaper’s support for Amash is just the latest example of an increasingly heated Republican primary election that is anyone’s game.

In their rejection of Rodgers, who has shape shifted in the last year from Trump critic and potential opponent to Trump knockoff, the Free Press cited the lack of authenticity in his campaign, his “ideological inconsistency,” and what they called his “cockamamie ideas” that he presented when he sat down with the paper.

Losing support from Detroit’s largest newspaper makes it clear Rogers is an incredibly weak candidate despite having tied himself to Mitch McConnell and Washington Republicans. It’s also a glaring sign that this GOP primary isn’t going away any time soon, and that Rogers, Amash, and Pensler will have to battle it out all the way until August.

“The Detroit Free Press endorsement of Justin Amash signals that this GOP primary is far from over,” said Senate Majority PAC Spokesperson Von Walker. “With a scorching indictment of Mike Rogers, the Free Press not only reminded Michiganders just how weak McConnell’s pick is, but it also laid the groundwork for this already messy GOP primary to get more and more brutal in the months ahead.”


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