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ICYMI: Feds Move to Seize Justice’s Helicopter as Debts Pile Up

Yesterday, federal authorities were instructed to seize the helicopter owned by Mitch McConnell’s embattled and debt-ridden West Virginia recruit Jim Justice.

The reason? Once again Justice has failed to pay back his debts. This time, the seizure revolves around a judge’s ruling that Justice owes a Russian mining company $10.1 million after he and his company “materially breached” their agreement.

This is just the latest in a series of shocking and increasingly embarrassing news about Justice’s finances as his debts and shady business dealings continue to pile up. In just the past few months a bank requested that his gubernatorial wages be garnished to repay his debts, land his company owned was put up for auction due to “delinquent taxes,” and he’s come under attack for failing to pay health care premiums to retired miners for years. And that’s not to mention how Justice’s mandated personal financial disclosure revealed a level of debt and liability previously unknown.

With the constant scandals and unending corruption, it’s no wonder Justice is facing a brutalexpensive, and nasty primary against Club for Growth-backed Rep. Alex Mooney.



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