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In Their Own Words: Eric Hovde Lives In California

Republican Senate candidate Eric Hovde (R-CA) is in his flop era. He can’t shake the fact that he’s a California banker, not a Wisconsinite, and to make matters worse, this time the accusations came from MAGA-friendly NewsNation.


Surely to Hovde’s dismay, what he clearly hoped would be a softball interview turned into just another example of why he has no place representing Wisconsin in the Senate. Here are the top failures of this interview:

  1. NewsNation played Senate Majority PAC’s ad accusing Hovde of being out of step from Wisconsin … in full.
  2. Hovde admittedon-camera that he’s on the List of 500 most influential business- people in Orange County, California: “As the owner and CEO of that company, I guess I’m in their List of 500 most influential people in Orange County.”
  3. Hovde tried to convince viewers he doesn’t care about the carpetbagger accusations:“I’m not spending time talking about, so I don’t know why you’re saying I’m playing defense” …before preceding to take a good amount of time talking about it.
  4. Hovde was welcomed to the program by NewsNation with the host thanking Hovdefor showing up to the interview “mercifully with his shirt on” after his cringe cold plunge video.
  5. And last, but certainly not least, NewsNation went on to compare Hovde’s shirtless video to none other than Vladimir Putin:“We declared you our favorite shirtless politician. You replaced Vladimir Putin here on the program.”


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