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Introducing Eric Hovde

11 Years After Eric Hovde Proclaims The “End” Of His Political Career, He Crawls Back To Lose Once Again

California resident Eric Hovde plans to announce his campaign next week to be the next US Senator from Wisconsin. 

After calling his previous (and embarrassing) run for Senate in 2012 the “endof his political career, Hovde has returned as national Republicans’ last choice candidate to try – and ultimately fail – to unseat Senator Tammy Baldwin.  

 While his last campaign may have been over ten years ago, Hovde is no stranger to the MAGA extremism that Wisconsinites have rejected in elections since he first ran. 

 Ahead of his announcement, here is a refresher on Eric Hovde’s dangerous views:   

 Abortion: Hovde said he is “totally opposed to abortionand wanted to see Roe v Wade overturned as early as 2012.  

 Health Care: Hovde wanted to rip away health care protections for Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions. He hoped that the Supreme Court would “overturnthe Affordable Care Act and called it “wrong at every fundamental level.” His position is especially relevant after Trump has repeatedly called for the repeal of the ACA in recent weeks. As a reminder, if eliminated, over 133 million people with pre-existing conditions could be disqualified from buying health insurance, 12 million adults could lose Medicaid coverage, and insurance companies could stop covering the 800,000 receiving opioid addition treatment through Medicaid.  

 Prescription Drugs: Unsurprisingly Hovde opposes the Inflation Reduction Act, which reduces the price of prescription medication for millions of Americans and caps the cost of insulin. The same candidate who wants to repeal affordable health care, called the IRA a “big, ugly bill.” 

 Medicare and Social Security: Republicans have made it their prerogative to cut critical benefits for seniors – Hovde included. He said Medicare should be moved to “a private sector approachand he would look at raising the age for seniors receiving Social Security benefits. 

 American Innovation: Hovde opposes the CHIPS Act, calling it “corporate welfare.” The bill, which invests in the US manufacturing of semi-conductors and promotes American leadership in this technology, has already seen over $166 billion in investments from companies just a year and a half after it was signed into law. 


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