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Introducing Kari Lake

Today, Kari Lake will set off a firestorm in Arizona’s primary, officially launching her candidacy after spending months hinting at her entry, promoting her song, and living at Mar-a-Lago.


Lake is most known for her dangerous delusions about the 2020 election results and her belief that she is the duly elected governor of Arizona (she’s not). But where exactly does Lake stand on the issues?


Read below to learn more about Kari Lake’s views, stances, and true agenda:


Abortion: Lake is on record in support of a 6-week abortion ban and a former Arizona provision that banned abortions without exceptions for rape or incest.


Childhood Education: During her failed gubernatorial election, Lake announced she wanted to put cameras in school classrooms to let people spy on Arizona’s children. This plan proved so controversial, even Republican former Governor Doug Ducey weighed in to denounce the plan.


Health Care: In 2017, Senator McCain broke with his party to do the right thing and preserve health care protections for Arizonans with pre-existing conditions. Kari Lakedisagrees. If she gets the chance, she’d proudly take steps to hike costs and repeal health care coverage for Arizonans.


Infrastructure: Just recently, Democrats and Republicans worked together to pass historic bipartisan infrastructure investments. But Kari Lake’s infrastructure goals are more singularly focused: She wants to add Trump to Mt. Rushmore.


January 6th: The deadly insurrection instigated by President Trump over the false claim that the 2020 election was rigged, was a dark day in our country’s history. But according to Kari Lake, we only know part of the story. Despite no evidence proving her assertions, Kari Lake believes the insurrectionists were actually “invited in by the Capitol Police.


Keeping the Government Open: As MAGA Republicans nearly succeeded in shutting down the government, Kari Lake cheered on their efforts, saying “maybe things would be better if it was shut down.” Her statement comes even as a government shutdown would hurt working families and active-duty military.


Prescription Drugs: As Arizonans struggled with rising costs, Democrats took action and passed legislation to lower prescription drug costs for seniors. But Kari Lake opposes this measure, apparently preferring seniors to pay more for the drugs they need.


John McCain: Former Senator McCain was – and remains – an Arizona institution. That’s why it’s so notable that she’s repeatedly ridiculed McCain Republicans, telling them to “get the hell out,” and bragging that she “drove a stake through the heart of the McCain machine.”




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