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Justin Amash Enters Michigan GOP Senate Primary - Causes More Chaos for Party in Shambles

The Republican Senate primary in Michigan is diving deeper into disaster as former Congressman Justin Amash launched his campaign for Senate today.

His launch underscores that, in this race with no clear frontrunner, Amash’s campaign will only escalate the already messy primary. As a reminder, when Amash first announced his exploratory committee in January, he jumped right in with the attacks, calling his would-be primary opponents “uninspired, unserious, and unprepared.”

Now Amash joins what has already become an embarrassing spectacle and a damaging race to the MAGA right for each of the GOP primary candidates. Peter Meijer, who voted for the impeachment of Donald Trump after January 6, is getting closer to admitting his support for the former president. Mitch McConnell’s candidate Mike Rogers, who considered primarying President Trump before launching his underwhelming Senate campaign, has bent over backwards begging people to believe that he is a MAGA candidate. And, Sandy Pensler just got the endorsement of a Trump vice presidential contender, Vivek Ramaswamy. To top it all off, Michigan’s state GOP has been imploding for months.

Amash’s entry into the race won’t make things better. He has already proven he is in line with MAGA candidates. He called himself “100% pro-life” and believes “that life begins at conception, and it is unconscionable that government would sanction the taking of the helpless and innocent.” He has also voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and introduced a Constitutional amendment that would have left deep cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

“Justin Amash is officially the latest C-list GOP candidate to join Michigan’s combative clown car primary, despite Mitch McConnell’s desperate attempts to clear the path for his chosen candidate. Amash’s entry will only make the GOP primary infighting worse as each candidate competes to embrace the unpopular MAGA agenda and will surely prolong this disaster for months to come,” said Senate Majority PAC spokesperson Hannah Menchhoff.

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