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Kari Lake Endorses Larry Hogan

Last night, Larry Hogan kicked off his general election race in Maryland by receiving the endorsement of election-denier and MAGA extremist Kari Lake.

In her political career, Kari Lake has called abortion “demonic,” backed banning abortion pills, endorsed Arizona’s cruel pre-statehood abortion ban that has no exceptions, still refuses to accept the 2020 or the 2022 election, says she wanted to put cameras in kids’ classrooms, and most recently told MAGA voters they should “strap on a glock” ahead of the upcoming election.

Lake’s endorsement is a major political liability for Hogan in a state that hasn’t elected a Republican to the Senate in over 40 years. But her endorsement also serves as a glaring lesson to voters that if elected, Larry Hogan would join a far-right Republican caucus that wants to ban abortion nationally and blindly follow Trump’s agenda, no matter what.

As a reminder, Hogan has already come under immense scrutiny on the campaign trail for refusing to protect a woman’s right to choose or access to IVF.

And considering that even after going up on TV with financial help from his recruiter and buddy Mitch McConnell, Hogan’s primary opponent still scraped an embarrassingly large 30% of the primary vote, Hogan’s general election is off to a brutal start.



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