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Mitch McConnell’s Candidates Are Having a Really Bad Week

It may only be Tuesday, but this is already shaping up to be a no good, very bad week for Mitch McConnell’s anointed picks across the country.

David McCormick, Jim Justice, Tim Sheehy, and Sam Brown are all facing a deluge of investigative reporting that reveals their shady backgrounds, tenuous ties to the states they’re running in, and self-serving behavior.

Let’s run through how things are going for each of these establishment picks:


David McCormick

Despite saying he would stay in Pennsylvania after his embarrassing loss to Dr. Oz in the 2022 Pennsylvania GOP primary, McCormick seems to have either forgotten that promise, or else hoped we wouldn’t notice that he’s instead taken up residency in a palatial home in Connecticut.

Facing scrutiny for both his weak ties to the state as well as his ability to connect with Pennsylvania voters, the newly uncovered information that McCormick also stowed $39 million in Swiss Bank Accounts only furthers these concerns.

This shady tax situation was made worse after it was revealed that at the same time McCormick took advantage of these bank accounts, the company Credit Suisse was actively under investigation and ultimately penalized for helping Americans avoid taxes.


Jim Justice

Jim Justice has spent the past months under fire for flagrant mining safety violations, a refusal to pay for miners’ prescription drugs, and for a federal investigation examining his coal empire. Now he’s under scrutiny for a “notorious” long-developed pattern of failing to pay taxes that is so extensive his wages may be garnished to pay off these debts.

Apparently for Justice, following the law is something that other people should have to do, just not him.


Sam Brown

After losing two previous elections it’s clear Brown still has a lot to learn. To kick things off, his embarrassing campaign launch failed to prevent Jeff Gunter and Tony Grady from both hopping into the Nevada GOP primary last week, turning the race into a brutally messy primary. But now, Brown’s under scrutiny for misusing his own PAC funds.

As CNN reported, Brown started a PAC he claimed was dedicated to helping other Republican candidates. Ultimately though, this scam PAC was less about helping others than it was a personal “slush fund” for Brown to pay off his campaign debt.


Tim Sheehy

Last but certainly not least, Tim Sheehy has had a brutal past week. First, he faced heavy criticism after it was revealed the profits from his upcoming book will go to fund his own trade organization that lobbies on behalf of companies just like his.

Now, the Messenger discovered that his Montana business, which is arguably the only real tie he has to the state, was actually incorporated in Delaware (not Montana) after merging with a Cayman Islands “blank check company,” where he can avoid paying taxes that Montana business owners across the state willingly pay every year.

So much for calling these guys “top recruits” …



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