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NEW AD: SMP Contrasts Carpetbagger Mehmet Oz’s Self-Serving Record with John Fetterman’s Local Leadership

Washington, D.C. – Today, Senate Majority PAC is launching a new ad as part of its previously announced $32 million ad reservation in Pennsylvania. The new spot, titled “Local,” details how self-serving carpetbagger Mehmet Oz benefitted himself at the expense of working people while John Fetterman has spent his career fighting for Pennsylvania.

Watch the ad here and read the transcript below.


“Local” Ad Transcript:

“He [Fetterman] was a local mayor, who reduced crime and created jobs.

He [Oz] was a celebrity doctor who promoted fake cures and lined his pockets.

Fetterman is taking on drug companies killing people with opioids.

Oz… got rich off them.

He [Fetterman] turned down the Lt. Governor’s mansion and lived here his whole life.

He [Oz] moved here seven months ago and owns eight houses outside the state.

He’s [Fetterman] Pennsylvania.

He’s [Oz] Hollywood.

It’s that simple.”


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