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NEW AD: SMP Highlights Oprah’s Endorsement of John Fetterman Over Mehmet Oz

Washington, D.C. – Today, Senate Majority PAC (SMP) is launching a new ad campaign in the Pennsylvania Senate race featuring Oprah Winfrey’s recent endorsement of John Fetterman over Mehmet Oz. Details of the ad were first reported by POLITICO.

The 30-second spot, titled “Anyone,” features clips of Oprah voicing her support for Fetterman, and highlights the litany of reasons Pennsylvania voters should reject Oz, including his record of hawking fake miracle cures to make millions, running cruel experiments on dogs, and supporting a plan to raise taxes on working families.

“Oprah launched Mehmet Oz’s career and now she’ll help end it—how can Pennsylvanians trust Oz to fight for them when he’s just been rejected by the person who knows him better than anyone?” said Veronica Yoo, spokesperson for Senate Majority PAC. “Take it from Oprah herself: there are ‘many reasons’ to vote against Oz, from calling abortion ‘murder’ and killing puppies to hurting working families at every turn to get rich.”

According to Oprah—who launched Oz’s career as a celebrity television doctor and who he personally asked “to stay out” of the Senate race—she would vote for Fetterman over Oz “for many reasons.” In her endorsement, Oprah casts the upcoming election as a clear choice about who would best represent “the values we hold dear […] the values of inclusion, the values of compassion […] that so many of us share.”

The ad campaign will reach Pennsylvania voters statewide beginning Saturday as part of Senate Majority PAC’s over $46 million investment in television advertising in state.

Watch the ad HERE and read the transcript below.


“Anyone” Ad Transcript:

She knows Oz better than anyone…

But Oprah wouldn’t vote for him.

[Oprah]: ‘If I lived in Pennsylvania, I would have already cast my vote for John Fetterman.’

Oz got rich pushing fake miracle cures

Ran cruel experiments on dogs

Calls abortion, ‘murder’

And praised a plan that could raise taxes on working families.

No wonder Oprah opposes Oz:

[Oprah]: ‘I would have already cast my vote for John Fetterman.’

If she doesn’t trust Oz, why should you?”

# # #

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