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Senate Majority PAC Announces Record-Breaking $37 Million Haul

Today, Senate Majority PAC announced it raised $37 million in the first half of 2023 and will report having $24.6 million cash on hand, showing substantial momentum that continues to propel Democrats forward.

This sum not only continues Democrats’ fundraising dominance over our opponents but surpasses the $25.5 million that Senate Majority PAC reported in the corresponding period of the 2022 cycle.

“After defying history and expanding Democrats’ Senate majority in 2022, Senate Majority PAC’s strong fundraising sets us once more on the path to success,” said JB Poersch, President of Senate Majority PAC. “Heading into the 2024 cycle, Democrats are organized, motivated, and ready to defeat Mitch McConnell’s slate of candidates who want to ban abortions, cut Social Security and Medicare, and give tax handouts to corporations that are jacking up prices on hardworking Americans.”

As a reminder, in 2022 Democrats defied history and expanded our existing Senate majority, re-electing Democrats in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire and flipping the state of Pennsylvania. This came as Senate Majority PAC outraised our counterparts by over $20 million over the 2022 cycle.



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