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Senate Majority PAC Releases Digital Ad Highlighting Kari Lake’s Nasty McCain Attacks

Today, Senate Majority PAC is releasing a new digital ad that holds Kari Lake accountable for her repeated insults against Arizona institution Senator John McCain. This five-figure ad buy will target critical Arizona voters.

Throughout her political career, non-Governor Kari Lake has relished attacking McCain, his family, and his supporters, making it clear she has no interest in their votes.

But now Kari Lake is in damage control, trying to erase the past and write off her insults as “jokes.” Unfortunately for her, no one’s buying it.

“In 2022 McCain Republicans joined Democrats and Independents to reject Kari Lake’s brand of extremism,” said Senate Majority PAC President JB Poersch. “Just because Lake landed Mitch McConnell and Steve Daines’ endorsements, doesn’t mean she gets to run away from her repeated insults against one of Arizona’s most beloved political figures and his supporters. This ad will remind voters that Kari Lake will say or do anything to get ahead, and that she has no place representing Arizona in the Senate.”


You can watch the digital ad here and read the transcript below:

[Kari Lake] We don’t have any McCain Republicans in here do we? 

Get the hell out.

We drove a stake through the heart of the McCain machine.

[Reporter] That was not what… Arizona moderates or Arizona Republicans wanted.

[Commentator] You told me and other McCain Republicans that we weren’t welcome. 

[Meghan McCain] She tweeted at me again today. The internal polling… must be just staggeringly awful… when it comes to Independents and McCain Republicans. 

And it’s why she can’t win Arizona.


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