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Senate Majority PAC Statement on Sam Brown’s Senate Campaign Launch

After losing his previous election by over 20 points, Sam Brown today launched his third attempt at elected office under the heavy-handed influence of Mitch McConnell and Steve Daines.

Unfortunately for Brown, despite having the backing of Washington Republicans, his campaign launch kickstarts a brutal primary race between Brown and Jim Marchant, a fringe election conspiracy theorist with deep ties to the MAGA base.

Among the many issues sure to come up in this extended, damaging primary, their shared extremist views on abortion and the 2020 election are sure to remain front and center. As a reminder, Brown and Marchant similarly oppose a woman’s right to choose an abortion. And while Marchant made election integrity a central tenant of his Secretary of State campaign, Brown also attacked primary opponent Adam Laxalt repeatedly for not doing enough to address voter fraud.

SMP Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer released the following statement:

“Today, Mitch McConnell set the stage for a brutal showdown in Nevada’s GOP Senate primary as their handpicked candidate Sam Brown faces off against fringe extremist Jim Marchant. In the months ahead, these previously failed candidates will make this primary a vicious, damaging race that shows Nevadans exactly how out of touch they are with the issues that matter most.”



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