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SMP-Affiliated Georgia Honor Announces New Ad Against Herschel Walker to Air During SEC Championship Game: “Lights Out”

Washington, D.C. — Senate Majority PAC (SMP)’s affiliated group Georgia Honor announced that it will air a new ad educating voters on Herschel Walker’s record during the SEC Championship Game on Saturday, titled “Lights Out.” Details of the ad were first reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

As Georgia Bulldogs fans tune into the game, the new 30-second spot will use public records, news coverage, and police reports to show voters the truth about Herschel Walker’s pattern of violence against women and disturbing behavior.

Earlier this week, Georgia Honor announced that it is investing $23.5 million in television and digital advertising for the runoff election alone.

“Georgia voters tuning in to today’s SEC Championship Game won’t be able to miss this message: Herschel Walker’s pattern of violence, disturbing conduct, and fumbling the truth make him fundamentally unfit for office,” said spokesperson Veronica Yoo. “As this race heads into overtime, Democrats are putting Herschel Walker on defense and communicating in every way possible to voters that he’s not ready to represent Georgia.”

Watch the ad HERE and read the transcript below.


“Lights Out” Ad Transcript:

“[Announcer]: ‘There goes Herschel! There goes Herschel!’

A Georgia football legend.

Then… the lights went out on Herschel Walker.

Police reports document a pattern of violent behavior, over decades.

[Cindy Grossman]: ‘He held the gun to my temple and said… he was gonna blow my brains out.’

Now, an ex-girlfriend says Walker used threats of violence to force her to have an abortion.

[Jane Doe]: ‘He said… I would not be safe and that the child would not be safe.’

Herschel Walker doesn’t belong in the Senate.”

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