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SMP Affiliated Groups Announce $5 Million Investment in Georgia’s Runoff Elections

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WASHINGTON, D.C.Today, Senate Majority PAC is launching two new groups,Georgia Honorand The Georgia Way, which are backed by a $5 million investment and will begin airing television ads in both of Georgia’s competitive U.S. Senate runoff elections.

The initial $5 million investment includes $4.5 million in television spending and $500,000 in digital advertising that will begin tomorrow. The new television ads target Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue for profiting off the COVID-19 pandemic when it first hit the U.S. and blocking COVID-19 relief while Georgia’s small businesses and workers suffer.

“After President-Elect Biden’s historic win in Georgia, we know these Senate seats are competitive and we are committed to building upon the work that started months ago to elect Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff,”said J.B. Poersch.“Georgia’s Republican ticket is made up of a pair of corrupt, out-of-touch politicians who profited off of the pandemic and can’t be trusted in Washington. The more Georgians learn about Senator Perdue and Loeffler’s stock trading scandals and efforts to block COVID relief while workers and small businesses take a hit, the more vulnerable they become.”

SMP and affiliated organizations have been on the ground in Georgia since early fall, spending $16 million to persuade and mobilize Black voters and register new voters in partnership with local allies in Georgia, and that work continues ahead of January.

Republicans are growing openly concerned that infighting could seriously strain their candidates in these crucial races. Unelected Senator Loeffler remains plagued by the conflicts of interest surrounding her time in office while Senator Perdue is dodging debates. This comes as the latest public polling shows tight races after President-Elect Joe Biden flipped Georgia blue in November.

“Knew” Transcript:

Voice Over: Imagine you knew about the deadly coronavirus before everybody else? You could protect your neighbors, your family. Senator Kelly Loeffler knew, and she protected her stock portfolio… selling up to 3 million dollars of stock.

News anchor: “Sold off stocks after receiving official coronavirus briefings before the markets tanked…

VO: “But she told us everything was fine.

Loeffler: “The good news is the consumer is strong, the economy is strong.

VO: “Thousands dead and our small businesses on the brink…Corruption has a name in Georgia. Kelly Loeffler.”

“Dominoes” Transcript:

Voice Over: “One after another. They’re falling like dominoes.

“Record number of small businesses closing.

“Millions of Georgians thrown out of work as the virus continues its stranglehold over our lives.

“But David Perdue’s taking care of himself – buying vaccine and medical stocks while lying about the risk of COVID.

“Now, he’s blocking relief for small businesses and a twelve-hundred-dollar stimulus check for Georgians.

“David Perdue. He’s not for you.”


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