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SMP Affiliated Groups Announce New $5.5M TV Buy in Georgia’s Runoff Elections Hitting Republicans on Insider Trading Scandals

Watch“Rot” Here

Watch “More Trades” Here

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Today, Senate Majority PAC’s affiliated groups, Georgia Honor and The Georgia Way, are expanding their television reservations by $5.5 millionin the Georgia runoffs and will begin airing two new ads that highlight the ongoing insider trading scandals of Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

The new ad “More Trades” highlights a bombshell report by the New York Times that Senator David Perdue’s stock trades prompted investigations by the Dept. of Justice, the FBI, and the SEC and that Perdue had been caught directing $1 million trades of a company’s stock before it collapsed. For months, Senator Perdue has claimed he had no discretion over his stock trades, but the New York Times’ report confirms that Perdue was lying about his involvement.  The new ad “Rot” hits Senator Kelly Loeffler for her insider trading scandal as new reports surface that her husband sought to profit off the pandemicwhile she blocks COVID-19 relief for Georgians.

“The more we learn about David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler’s corrupt and shady behavior while in office, the more clearit becomes that they are only looking out for themselves, not Georgians,”said SMP President J.B. Poersch.“Both Senators have been under investigation for insider trading by the Dept. of Justice and the SEC and new allegations are coming to light that should be investigated. Senator Perdue was caught lying about his stock trades, begging the question what else are these two hiding? The dam is just beginning to break and we plan to fully expose their unethical and potentially illegal behavior in the weeks ahead. Georgians simply can’t trust David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler when they’re knee-deep in the swamp and profiting at their expense.”

SMP’s new spending builds off of previously announced television and digital buys totaling $10.5 million on television and additional spending on digital platforms. SMP and affiliated organizations have been on the ground in Georgia since early fall, spending $16 million in the general election to persuade and mobilize Black voters and register new voters in partnership with local allies in Georgia, and that work continues ahead of January.

“Rot” Transcript:

VOICEOVER: “The rot began when Kelly Loeffler was appointed to her Senate seat by cronies without a single vote.”

NEWS CLIP: “Sold off stocks after receiving official coronavirus briefings before the markets tanked.”

NEWS CLIP: “Were you trading on inside information about what was coming?”

NEWS CLIP: “3 million dollars in stock sales in the weeks after a private coronavirus briefing.”

VOICEOVER: “While downplaying the health threat to Georgia, Loeffler banked millions on our losses. Stop the Rot, Stop Kelly Loeffler.”

“More Trades” Transcript:

VOICEOVER: “Now, we learn the FBI’s been looking into David Perdue. And a Federal Grand Jury has been investigating him for insider trading. Grand Jury records show that Perdue received a private email from the CEO of a company. Two days later, Perdue told his broker to sell a million dollars of the company’s stock, before it collapsed. And now more stock trades to be investigated. David Perdue. Looking out for himself. Not you.”

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