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SMP Announces Encore Round of Puppies Ad Campaign In Response to Oz Campaign’s Lies

Washington, D.C. – In response to the Oz campaign’s most recent lie, Senate Majority PAC spokesperson Veronica Yoo released the following statement:

“Any implication or suggestion from the Oz campaign that our ads were ‘taken down’ against our intent is categorically false and discredited by the fact that both spots ran continuously in countless markets across the state for more than eight days and backed by over $3 million dollars before we launched new ads, as planned. This is clearly a desperate attempt from Oz’s losing campaign to try to distract from the facts presented in our ads: Mehmet Oz supervised the lab that killed more than 300 dogs. Oz has put himself first and screwed over Pennsylvanians so frequently and in so many ways that we’re constantly creating new ad campaigns to remind voters of how unfit he is to be their Senator.”

“In response to the Oz campaign’s most recent lies, we are launching an encore round of our puppies ad campaign across the state to refute this disgraceful effort to mislead Pennsylvanians and to remind voters that Oz will say or do anything to benefit himself. Mehmet Oz is running the stupidest campaign in the country, and he has only himself to thank for the consequences of these shameless lies.”

SMP’s ads ran for 8 days continuously across Pennsylvania without issues, airing on both broadcast and cable in various markets, and during two separate Phillies playoffs games, as first reported by CNN. Additionally, SMP has not received any communications from Pennsylvania stations or from Comcast indicating that they intend to take down the ads.

According to PolitiFact, “Dr. Mehmet Oz’s campaign does not dispute a report that more than 300 dogs were euthanized in a heart research lab he supervised.”


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