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SMP Debuts New Ad Against Mehmet Oz To Air During Game One of World Series: “Truth”

World Series spot highlights Oz’s own words demanding that ‘local political leaders’ dictate women’s personal health care decisions

Washington, D.C. – Senate Majority PAC (SMP) announced today that it will debut a new ad against Mehmet Oz to air during Game One of the World Series on Friday, titled “Truth.” The details were first reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

As Phillies fans tune in to the game, SMP’s new spot will use Oz’s own words to show Pennsylvania voters the truth about who Oz believes should be making personal health care decisions for women: ‘local political leaders.’

“As Phillies fans tune into the World Series on Friday, they’ll be greeted with the truth about Oz’s extreme position on abortion in his own words: Mehmet Oz believes ‘local political leaders’ like Doug Mastriano should help dictate a woman’s most personal health care decisions,” said Veronica Yoo, spokesperson for Senate Majority PAC. “After spending months hiding his extreme agenda, Oz has confirmed the very worst fears of Pennsylvanians—and we’re making sure voters see and hear just how out-of-touch he is on the issues.”

Watch the ad HERE. Read the transcript below.

“Truth” Ad Transcript:

“For once, Doctor Oz is telling the truth.

When asked who he thought should be making abortion decisions…

Oz said local political leaders.

[Oz]: “Local political leaders.”

Oz thinks abortion decisions belong to politicians like Doug Mastriano…

Who could ban abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest.

So if you want to keep your right to choose:

Remember what Oz said about who decides…

[Oz]: ‘Local political leaders.’

…and what that means for you.”



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