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SMP & End Citizens United Launch New Ad Slamming Ron Johnson for Lining His Own Pockets at Wisconsin’s Expense

SMP also releases new ad highlighting consequences of Johnson’s anti-abortion agenda

Washington, D.C. – Today, Senate Majority PAC (SMP) and End Citizens United (ECU) are launching a new ad campaign in Wisconsin calling out Ron Johnson for lining his own pockets at Wisconsin’s expense, as first reported by Bloomberg Government.

Additionally, Senate Majority PAC is releasing another ad highlighting the devastating consequences of Johnson’s anti-abortion agenda, featuring a young woman from Wisconsin sharing her personal story.

The spot from SMP/ECU, titled “Squeezed,” is backed by a $1.9 million buy and will reach voters in the Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wausau, and La Crosse media markets beginning Friday. The spot from SMP, titled “Your Whole World,” is backed by a $1.6 million buy and will reach voters in the Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay markets.

“As Ron Johnson lines his own pockets and defends doubling his wealth while in office, Wisconsinites are paying the price for his self-serving politics,” said JB Poersch, President of Senate Majority PAC. “Johnson has done nothing in the Senate but push laws that enrich himself and his donors while standing in the way of getting things done—that’s why Wisconsin voters will fire him come November.”

“Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes stands up every day for hardworking Wisconsinites. That’s why ECU/LAV is proud to stand with Barnes,” said Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United. “The contrast couldn’t be more clear: Ron Johnson isn’t working for Wisconsin; he’s only looking out for his special interest donors and his own bottom line.”


“Squeezed” Ad Transcript:

“Prices are going up on groceries, they’re going up at the gas station.

The only ones profiting are oil companies, big corporations, China, and Ron Johnson.

Johnson makes money from investments and factories in China.

No wonder Johnson’s net worth has doubled since he’s been in Washington.

Even worse, Johnson’s allowed oil and drug companies to jack up prices — on us.

He takes all that money from them.

Ron Johnson profits. We pay the price.”


“Your Whole World” Ad Transcript:

“It changes your entire world.

I know because I was a victim myself.

So to think that there are people like Senator Ron Johnson in Washington — who’d make it harder.

Ron Johnson supported the Supreme Court decision outlawing abortion in Wisconsin — even for victims of rape and incest.

Allowing doctors and nurses to be prosecuted.

When I think about the other victims and what they’re going to have to go through because of Ron Johnson…

He doesn’t share our values.”

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