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SMP Launches New Ad Against Ron Johnson: “How It Works”

Watch “How It Works” Here

Washington, D.C. – Today, Senate Majority PAC (SMP) is launching a new ad in the Wisconsin Senate race against Ron Johnson, titled “How It Works.” The spot highlights how Johnson made $57 million from his family business’s deep financial ties to China, all while pushing to ship American jobs overseas.

According to a bombshell report from The Guardian, Johnson — a vocal and outspoken critic of Beijing — has “declared $57 million in income in his first 10 years in office in connection to his ownership stake in a company whose growth has closely been linked to China.”

The ad will reach Wisconsin voters beginning Tuesday.

“How It Works” Ad Transcript:

“Ron Johnson and China – here’s how it works.

While in the Senate, Johnson made $57 million from a family business whose growth was directly linked to China.

He invested in Chinese factories.

And Johnson’s family business got $50 million in loans from the Bank of China.

Johnson pushed for shipping American jobs overseas, while he got rich.

Ron Johnson’s out for himself, not us.”


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