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SMP Launches Two New TV Ads Slamming Puppy Killer Mehmet Oz

Watch “Cruel” HERE

Watch “6313” HERE

Washington, D.C. – Senate Majority PAC (SMP) is launching two new ads in the Pennsylvania Senate race against Mehmet Oz, backed by a multi-million dollar buy. The ads were first reported by CNN.

The 30-second spots, titled “Cruel” and “6313,” highlight how Mehmet Oz’s medical experimentation killed over three hundred dogs, including an entire litter of puppies, and tells the story of a dog named ‘6313,’ who suffered unimaginable cruelty for 29 days in Oz’s lab before she was killed by Oz.

According to a recent report from Jezebel, Oz’s scientific research “killed over 300 dogs and inflicted significant suffering on them and the other animals used in experiments,” and one Oz-led study even resulted in an entire litter of puppies being killed.

The ad campaign will reach voters statewide beginning Wednesday as part of SMP’s over $33 million television investment in state. They are also airing during Games 1 and 2 of the National League Division Series on Tuesday and Wednesday, as the Phillies face the Braves.

“Puppy killer Mehmet Oz should be under investigation for animal abuse—not running for U.S. Senate,” said Senate Majority PAC spokesperson Veronica Yoo. “Pennsylvania families deserve a Senator who chooses compassion over unconscionable cruelty, and that’s why they’ll reject Oz and stand with John Fetterman in November.”

Watch the ads HERE and HERE. Read the transcripts below.


“Cruel” Ad Transcript:

“It’s a story of unimaginable abuse.

Mehmet Oz ran experiments on puppies, killing over three hundred dogs.

They were subjected to extreme suffering…

Puppies struggling to breathe, leaking blood, vomiting, paralysis; their screams horrifying.

With alleged violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Leading to thousands in fines.

Mehmet Oz: unfit to be Pennsylvania’s Senator.”


“6313” Ad Transcript:

“She wasn’t given a name, only a number.


For twenty-nine days, she suffered in Mehmet Oz’s lab…

‘Leaking blood…’

‘Not eating…’

Struggling to breathe…

Twenty-nine days of unimaginable pain and suffering…

Until Oz took her for the ‘last experiment’

Just one of three hundred dogs killed in Oz’s lab

Mehmet Oz is unfit to be Pennsylvania’s Senator.”


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