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SMP Statement on David McCormick’s (R-CT) Campaign for Senate

Today, Mitch McConnell’s latest recruit David McCormick announced he’s running for Senate in the state where he totally, definitely, 100% swears he actually lives: Pennsylvania.

McCormick’s candidacy comes after he spent his 2022 campaign groveling at President Trump’s feet begging for his endorsement, only to lose both the endorsement and ultimately the nomination to Dr. Oz – a man who oversaw the abuse of puppies. This loss was so embarrassing to McCormick, who spent $48 for every primary vote he won, that he quickly packed up and returned to Connecticut to lick his wounds in his Westport mansion.

Now that McCormick has entered the race, he’ll face questions about his already-rejected record of outsourcing Pennsylvania jobs, sketchy Wall Street dealings, his extensive ties to China, wanting to ban abortion even in cases of rape or incest, and his fraught relationship with President Trump.

This all of course is not to mention the fact that McCormick will have to reckon with the overwhelming evidence that he’s just another stooge for the wildly unpopular Mitch McConnell.

“Connecticut resident David McCormick has built his career on selling out Pennsylvanians. He outsourced their jobs, profited off his deep ties to China, and spent years as a shady Wall Street executive,” said Senate Majority PAC Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “Entering the Senate race as Mitch McConnell’s sidekick, McCormick is in for rude awakening if he hopes he can trick Pennsylvanians into thinking he’s anything but an extreme, out of touch, out of state wannabe politician.”

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