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SMP Statement on Jeff Gunter's Senate Campaign

Today, Trump administration Icelandic Ambassador Jeff Gunter joined McConnell-lackey Sam Brown and fringe conspiracy theorist Jim Marchant in Nevada’s GOP Senate primary, further enflaming what was already gearing up to be a mad race towards the extreme and out of touch.

The GOP mega donor enters the race with a background littered with bizarre and at times paranoid behavior – not only did Gunter count the number of times he’d been retweeted by President Trump as one of his major professional accomplishments, but during the pandemic, Gunter refused to conduct his job as Icelandic Ambassador from anywhere other than California.

Gunter’s entry spells trouble for National Republicans by adding to the already messy primary. But Gunter’s decision is really no surprise, especially after Brown’s campaign launch has been less than stellar.

“Ambassador Jeff Gunter is extreme, out of touch, and will fit right in with the other members of Nevada’s messy GOP Senate primary. Gunter’s candidacy will only make this race more brutal – a major problem for Mitch McConnell and National Republicans,” said SMP Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “Unfortunately for McConnell, Gunter’s MAGA agenda and extreme platform are here to stay.”



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