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SMP Statement on Jim Justice’s Senate Campaign

Today, Senator Mitch McConnell guaranteed West Virginia will barrel into an expensive and nasty GOP primary as Gov. Jim Justice entered the Senate race.

Justice may join the primary as McConnell’s hand-picked candidate, but Club for Growth has theirs too in declared candidate Rep. Alex Mooney. And Mooney is already going all-in attacking Justice, questioning his conservative bona fides and even launching an attack ad to coincide with Justice’s campaign announcement.

As a reminder, Club for Growth has promised to spend $10 million to help elect the carpetbagging Mooney and they have a record of playing dirty. In the months ahead, they’ll be sure to remind West Virginia voters about McConnell’s handpicked candidate’s long and concerning record of failing to pay millions in taxes, flouting safety regulations, consistent and ethically dubious behavior.

“Governor Jim Justice enters the West Virginia Republican primary race facing scrutiny for his self-serving and corrupt past on top of well-earned accusations that he’s nothing but a pawn for Mitch McConnell,” said Sarah Guggenheimer, Senate Majority PAC Spokesperson. “Up against carpetbagger Alex Mooney, Justice’s campaign will only escalate the ongoing war between Mitch McConnell and Club for Growth, turning West Virginia’s Republican primary into an explosive, expensive mess.”



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