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SMP Statement on Maryland’s Senate General Election

Tonight, Maryland’s general election field was decided with Angela Alsobrooks set to take on and defeat former Governor Larry Hogan.

Maryland hasn’t elected a Republican to the Senate in over 40 years and voters have repeatedly made clear that they don’t want and won’t support a Republican majority in the Senate.

That spells trouble for Mitch McConnell’s prize recruit Larry Hogan whose Senate campaign has thus far only consisted of him bumbling through questions about his refusal to protect a woman’s right to have an abortion or use IVF, and his stalwart support of the Republican Party.

SMP President JB Poersch released the following statement:

“Larry Hogan is utterly out of touch with Maryland voters – from his close ties to Mitch McConnell to his refusal to protect or enshrine abortion rights. And in an election that could decide control of the Senate, Maryland voters understand just how dangerous and unacceptable the Hogan-McConnell agenda truly is. Angela Alsobrooks is a lifelong Marylander who will spend her time in the Senate addressing the issues that matter to voters and being a critical vote against the Republicans’ radical agenda. We congratulate Alsobrooks on her primary win tonight and look forward to congratulating her again on her Senate win come November.”



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