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SMP Statement on Mike Rogers’ Senate Candidacy

Today, after spending years living in Florida, long-retired Rep. Mike Rogers has trudged back to Michigan to be the first of likely many GOP candidates to enter the state’s Senate GOP primary.

Rogers’ Senate candidacy comes after he spent months openly flirting with running for President, against President Trump, only to be met with a more-than-muted reception. Now he is headed into what’s expected to become a crowded Senate primary where he’ll show just how out of touch he is with Michigan voters.

“Mike Rogers has spent months showing more interest in running for President than running for Senate in a state he abandoned after his retirement. And while Rogers may be the first to enter the race, he’s unlikely to be the last, turning this race into yet another messy GOP primary,” said Senate Majority PAC Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “Time to get out the popcorn.”


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