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SMP Statement on Montana's U.S. Senate General Election

Montana’s U.S. Senate contest is now set with Mitch McConnell-anointed, multi-millionaire out-of-stater, taxpayer-funded government contractor, and fake cowboy Shady Tim Sheehy running against multigenerational dirt farmer Jon Tester.
Tim Sheehy is the embodiment of rich out-of-staters who have flooded Montana in recent years, buying up land, driving up housing costs, and threatening Montana’s unique way of life. Even more, he’s failed to be completely honest with Montanans about his past, his business, and even whether he’s actually a rancher.
All Sheehy has demonstrated during this campaign is just how little he understands the state. How else can you explain his support for privatizing public lands, equating abortion to murder, and his plan to privatize all health care?
Voters are getting an onslaught of information about Sheehy’s background. First there is the unanswered questions about how Sheehy received a bullet wound in his arm, not to mention the ongoing lawsuits into his shady treatment of his employees and his involvement in a deadly plane crash, his failing business, and his decision to sell access to his ranch for $12,500.
“Authenticity matters and Shady Tim Sheehy just doesn’t have it. Facing mounting skepticism over his support for privatizing public lands and swirling questions over the truth around his background, Montanans can see right through Sheehy, and they know he’s only looking out for himself,” said Senate Majority PAC President JB Poersch. “Jon Tester has always put Montanans first and has delivered results to support hardworking families across his state. That’s exactly why come November, voters will reject McConnell’s fake cowboy and re-elect Montana-first Senator Jon Tester.”


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