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SMP Statement on Nevada Senate Primary Results

Washington, D.C. –  Today, Senate Majority PAC President JB Poersch released the following statement on the results of the Nevada Senate primary:

“Once again, power-hungry politician Adam Laxalt is running for public office to serve himself and his corporate allies, not the people of Nevada. It’s no wonder voters can’t trust him: when he wasn’t pushing Trump’s Big Lie, Laxalt was lining his pockets with millions of dollars as his elitist law firm profited off Big Oil clients, all while Nevadans paid the price at the pump. Laxalt can’t defend his long record of advancing the agenda of his special interest donors at the expense of hardworking Nevadans — that’s why he’s already plotting to overturn the will of Nevada voters in 2022, just like he did as Trump’s puppet in 2020. Nevadans rejected Laxalt in 2018, and they’ll see right through his corrupt, dishonest brand of politics again this November.”

“Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is a dedicated public servant with a proven record of delivering for Nevada, keeping communities safe, and fighting for hard-working families like her own. From creating good-paying union jobs and bringing down costs to protecting reproductive freedom, Nevadans know they can trust her to look out for them and always do what’s right for the Silver State.”

Here’s What You Need to Know About Adam Laxalt:

AP: Laxalt hints at legal fights ahead of 2022 US Senate race

  • More than 14 months before the midterm elections, the Republican frontrunner in Nevada’s U.S. Senate race is raising fears of voter fraud and talking about preemptively mounting legal challenges — a sign that the election denialism that marked the last cycle may carry over into the next.”
  • “In 2020, [Laxalt] co-chaired Trump’s Nevada campaign, which mounted lawsuits in state and federal courts — challenging rules before the election and later the results. Laxalt has said the 2020 election was “rigged” and legal challenges failed because they were filed too late.”

New York Times: A Republican Fights Voter Fraud in His Race (231 Days Before Election Day)


  • “Nevadans still have 231 days until they head to the polls in November. But Adam Laxalt, the former attorney general of Nevada and a Republican candidate for Senate, is already laying detailed groundwork to fight election fraud in his race — long before a single vote has been cast or counted.”
  • “Republican candidates like Laxalt appear poised to repeat the Trump legal strategy of trying to overturn an election in court, even months before there has been any votes or any theoretical voter fraud.”

Nevada Independent: Federal abortion protections at risk in high stakes congressional, Senate races

  1. “Laxalt did not directly respond to specific questions on his stance on abortion protections or the upcoming Supreme Court decision. Asked by reporters during an October campaign event about Texas’ abortion law that bans most abortions as early as six weeks, Laxalt refused to comment and has avoided stating how he would vote if the question of codifying Roe v. Wade came before the Senate.”
  2. “As attorney general, Laxalt signed onto multiple legal efforts geared toward restricting abortion access and pledged to “look into” overturning Nevada’s 1990 codification of Roe v. Wade. During his run for attorney general, he also received the endorsement of anti-abortion group Nevada Right to Life.”

American Independent: GOP Senate candidate in Nevada is powered by the fossil fuel industry

  • “According to the Wall Street Journal, Chevron made $15.6 billion in profits in 2021 — its best year since 2014 — and raised its quarterly dividends by 6%.”
  • “Laxalt and his wife have directly profited from that. According to his Senate financial disclosure, the couple owns between $16,002 and $65,000 in Chevron Corporation stock.”

American Independent: Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt defends Big Oil companies amid soaring gas prices

  • “… Adam Laxalt has spent the past few weeks falsely arguing that the fossil fuel sector and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are blameless for rising gasoline prices—without mentioning that much of his campaign funds have come from oil and gas interests.”
  • “According to Federal Election Commission filings, nearly all of Laxalt’s corporate PAC contributions have come from fossil fuel companies or businesses that make money from the energy sector.”
  • “Since losing his 2018 gubernatorial race, Laxalt has been paid more than $3.7 million for working at Cooper & Kirk, a prominent conservative law firm that claims to be “the ‘go-to-firm’ to sue the federal government.”


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