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SMP Statement on Ohioans Choice to Protect Women’s Health Care

Tonight, Ohioans declared for the second time in a matter of months that they will always stand up against Republican efforts to deny a woman her right to access medical care.

The passing of Issue One is a major win for Ohioans – enshrining protections for women and rejecting Ohio’s six-week abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest.

But this is more than just a simple victory. This result proves that abortion remains an enduring and important issue for voters. It also serves as a clear rejection of Frank LaRose’s dangerous agenda and underhanded attempts to deny a woman’s autonomy.

Facing clear bipartisan support for Issue One, LaRose’s arrogance compelled him to resort to lies and manipulations in a failed effort to subvert the will of Ohio voters. Joined by primary opponents Bernie Moreno and Matt Dolan, the GOP Senate primary field’s open opposition to Issue One is an albatross that will hang around the neck of whoever makes it out of Ohio’s primary.

Senate Majority PAC Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer released the following statement: 

“Issue One passing is a major win for Ohio women and a clear sign that voters know a fraud when they see one. Ohioans saw right through Frank LaRose’s dirty tricks and manipulations and voted to enshrine a woman’s right to access abortion. And while LaRose, Bernie Moreno, and Matt Dolan will surely spend the coming months pointing fingers and deflecting blame, Ohioans know these three candidates do not represent Ohio values. And next November, they won’t forget it either.”



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