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SMP Statement on Peter Meijer’s Senate Campaign Launch

Today, Michigan’s GOP Senate primary just got messier as Peter Meijer jumps into the race to challenge Sheriff James Craig and McConnell-recruit Mike Rogers.

Meijer’s candidacy is the latest in a series of failures by Mitch McConnell and Steve Daines who have been unable to follow through on their promise to clear primaries for their chosen candidates. After all, they’ve been anything but subtle about their support for C-list Rogers.

National Republicans know that Meijer will make this Senate primary even more costly, brutal, and expensive. Meijer will also push the field to the right thanks to his support for a total ban on abortion and tax handouts that will benefit rich people like him while hanging hardworking families out to dry.

“Congratulations to Peter Meijer for guaranteeing Michigan’s GOP Senate primary is about to become even nastier and more expensive than it already is,” said Sarah Guggenheimer, Senate Majority PAC Spokesperson. “Faced with the task of winning over GOP primary voters who have already rejected him once, Meijer will be sure to remind Michiganders of just how extreme his positions really are, as he and fellow C-list primary opponents race to prove who is the most out of touch.”



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