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SMP Statement on Rep. Colin Allred's Texas Senate Primary Victory

Tonight, Rep. Colin Allred won Texas’ Democratic Senate primary, paving the way for a general election that will force Ted Cruz to answer for years of feeding his own ego and self-interest at the expense of Texas voters.

Through his time in office, Cruz has repeatedly let Texans down when they need him most. In fact, Cruz seems more concerned with promoting his podcast than representing Texans’ interests.

His total lack of leadership was apparent when he repeatedly introduced national abortion ban legislation in Congress and when he accepted over $600,000 in PhRMA donations while voting against lowering the cost of prescription drugs. And then of course there was also Ted Cruz’s decision to abandon Texans during one of the state’s worst natural disasters and jet off on an unplanned Cancun vacation while people in his home state froze to death.

Allred’s compelling personal story and strong fundraising make him the exact right candidate to hold Cruz accountable and remind Texans how much they stand to gain with a Senator who will finally put their interests first.

“Ted Cruz has been an utter failure for the people of Texas. Time and again he’s proven that the only thing he cares about is himself, which is why he’s backed national abortion bans, supported ripping away Texans’ health care, and accepted $600k in PhRMA donations only to turn around and vote against lowering prescription drug prices,” said Senate Majority PAC President JB Poersch. “Colin Allred has proven he’ll always put the interests of Texans first which is why he’ll soon allow Cruz to pursue his true passion of podcasting fulltime by beating him in November.”


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