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SMP Statement on Sam Brown Making it Through Unimpressive Nevada GOP Primary

Tonight, Sam Brown made it through a mudslinging GOP primary against Republican challenger Jeff Gunter, marking a less than promising start to Brown’s general election campaign.

Despite Brown receiving support from the GOP Washington Swamp leader himself, Mitch McConnell, this brutal primary exploded far beyond what Brown and National Republicans expected or wanted.

After Gunter hit Brown, highlighting his shady ties to McConnell and his stunningly out of touch support for moving nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain in Nevada, Brown supporters were forced to air personal attack ads against Gunter in in order to save Brown’s candidacy.

In fact, even Donald Trump seemed torn about which candidate to endorse in this volatile primary. After embarrassing Brown with his failure to publicly endorse at a rally last weekend, Trump only weighed in with his endorsement less than 72 hours before the primary.

Now Brown enters the general election facing a fractured Nevada Republican Party and an electorate that has already seen how this scam artist supports bringing nuclear waste to Nevada and used his PAC as a “slush fund” to pocket money for himself.

And that’s not to mention his support for abortion bans, how he “admire[d]” a plan to cut Social Security and Medicare, and his desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“While Sam Brown breathes a sigh of relief that he survived his embarrassingly close primary, he enters the general election with a track record of backing an unpopular agenda that would make life harder for Nevada families. Brown will soon learn that Nevada voters have no interest in a Senator who wants to ban abortion, move nuclear waste to their state, and threaten Social Security and Medicare,” said Senate Majority PAC President JB Poersch. “Welcome to the big leagues Sam Brown, you’re not going to like losing in 2024 any more than you did in your 2022 and 2014 runs.”


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