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SMP Statement on Tim Sheehy’s Campaign for Senate

Today, Mitch McConnell and Steve Daines all but guaranteed Montana is heading straight into a bruising Republican primary for Senate by recruiting fake cowboy Tim Sheehy into Montana’s Senate race.

This news comes as Sheehy faces surmounting questions about his insubstantial ties to Montana, his embarrassing attempts to paint himself as a cowboy while profiting from and supporting luxury resorts, and an ongoing lawsuit into his negligence as a pilot of a deadly plane crash.

Worse for Sheehy, even with his benefactor Mitch McConnell, Club for Growth has also signaled they’re eager to play a role in Montana’s GOP primary – openly recruiting and eager to support Rep. Matt Rosendale. This could pose a problem for Sheehy, with recent polling showing the carpetbagger trailing Rosendale by an eye-popping 54 points in the primary.

“With only the barest ties to the state and an established record of flouting Montana’s values, Tim Sheehy enters Montana’s GOP primary best known as the proud lackey of Mitch McConnell,” said SMP Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “Sheehy’s campaign launch sets up what will inevitably become a brutal battle between Rep. Matt Rosendale backed by Club for Growth and Sheehy with his deep ties to McConnell, Daines, and establishment Republicans.”



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