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The Gloves Come Off in West Virginia’s Republican Primary

Jim Justice hasn’t even officially entered West Virginia’s GOP Primary but that hasn’t stopped him and Alex Mooney from going after each other, trading barbs in a messy back and forth that portends just how brutal this race will be.

In what has quickly become a proxy war between Mitch McConnell and Club for Growth, Justice and Mooneyare taking cues from their respective mentors and going all in on the attacks.

Mooney, touting his endorsement from noted Cancún enthusiast Sen. Ted Cruz, claimed that West Virginians will reject Justice, especially once he lays out a direct “contrast” (read: attack) on the governor.

Justice meanwhile pushed back hitting Mooney for being “teetotally in every way connected to Maryland.”

As for us, well, we’re getting out the popcorn.

Check out the full report HERE.



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