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Senate Majority PAC Releases TV and Digital Ad Highlighting Eric Hovde’s California Values

Today, Senate Majority PAC launched its first television ad buy in Wisconsin for the 2024 Senate campaign. This seven-figure buy will target Wisconsin voters across the state on the air and online.

This ad will hold Eric Hovde accountable for being a California banker who cares more about his bottom line than the people of Wisconsin. As a reminder, this California resident didn’t  even mention the Badger State in his first ad. He also omits that he is “opposed [to] legalized abortion,” believes that “we must defend and protect all human life from conception,” and called the Affordable Care Act “wrong at every fundamental level.”

It’s clear that Hovde’s values don’t line up with Wisconsinites, from where he lives to what he believes.

“Wisconsinites don’t need or want a third-rate banker from California representing them in the Senate who has spent more time drinking green smoothies than eating cheese curds,” said Senate Majority PAC President JB Poersch. “Tammy Baldwin is a fighter for all Wisconsin – whether a dairy farmer, small business owner, or Packers fan – and has a proven record of results for all Wisconsinites. And no matter how many bizarre videos he posts online, Wisconsin voters will see Hovde for the out of touch carpetbagger that he really is.

You can watch the ad here and read the transcript below:

[VO] Here’s California Banker Eric Hovde, running for U.S. Senate.

But Hovde’s lifestyle? Pure California.

CEO of a billion-dollar bank. Here’s Hovde’s over $7 million Laguna Beach mansion…

And three years in a row Eric Hovde was named one of Orange County’s most influential residents. 

Multi-millionaire California banker Eric Hovde: On Wisconsin’s side? Don’t bank on it.

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