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Senate Majority PAC Announces Senior Staff for 2024 Cycle

Today, the Senate Majority PAC announced the 2024 leadership team that will play a central role protecting and expanding Democrat’s Senate Majority.

“Senate Majority PAC has hit the ground running after an unprecedented 2022 cycle where Democrats expanded our Senate majority. We are proud of this growing, talented team that will build on this momentum with so much at stake in 2024, because while Democrats remain committed to putting hardworking families first, Republicans only care about pursuing their dangerous, out of touch agenda.” Senate Majority PAC President JB Poersch continued, “Our team knows how to win elections and their broad range of experience in races across the country puts us in a strong position heading into the 2024 cycle.”


Meet the team below:

Amanda Ach will continue as Digital Director after serving in this position in the 2022 cycle. Prior to her work at Senate Majority PAC, Ach worked at the DCCC and for Sen. Martin Heinrich’s 2018 campaign.

Ghada Alkiek will serve as Senate Majority PAC’s Political Manager for the third cycle after first joining the organization in 2020. Previously, Alkiek was Rep. Dan Kildee’s Deputy Chief of Staff and also has experience managing House campaigns.

Sarah Guggenheimer is joining the team as Communications Director. She was most recently the Communications Director on Sen. Mark Kelly successful re-election campaign in Arizona and is a DCCC alum.

Emma Levin remains Senate Majority PAC’s Senior Advisor overseeing finance. Prior to her work at SMP, Levin worked in senior finance positions at the DCCC.

Naveen Madathil will continue his role as Special Assistant to the President at Senate Majority PAC. He previously was an Organizer for the Nassau County Coordinated Campaign.

Jessica Tucker will also continue on as Research Director, after successfully leading the Senate Majority PAC’s 2022 Research department. Previously she was the Deputy Research Director of the DCCC and Sen. Joe Donnelly’s 2018 Research Director.

Senate Majority PAC is the independent organization dedicated to winning and protecting the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. Senate Majority PAC organizes comprehensive independent expenditure (IE) campaigns to support Democratic senators and candidates.


2022 Look Back:

  • Defied the odds and conventional wisdom of the 2022 cycle, making 2022 the first midterms since 1934 where the party in power successfully defended every incumbent seat.
  • Georgia
    • $85.7 million in paid media, organizing, and mobilization efforts from SMP-affiliated groups
  • Nevada
    • $42.3 million in paid communications, including television, radio, and digital advertising from SMP and it’s affiliated organizations
  • Arizona
    • SMP and affiliated organizations spent over $52.1 million in paid communications that included television, radio, and digital advertising
  • Pennsylvania
    • SMP invested $58 million in television, radio, and digital advertising
    • Top Democratic outside spender in the race
  • New Hampshire
    • SMP and Majority Forward invested $25.1 million in paid communications





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